August 2023 Monthly Newsletter
about 1 month ago, Margaret Brown
Monthly Newsletter August 2023
Scan the QR Code on the Orange Apple in the bottom right Corner. Follow link, select Bowling Green Missouri. From there select the schools menu you want to choose. Happy First Day Back!
about 1 month ago, Opaa! Food Service
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BGE Reminder: Meet the Teacher is next Thursday (8/17) from 2:30 to 7:00 by appointment only. Here is the link to available slots: Can't wait to see you all next week! ~Mr. Kessler
about 2 months ago, Cory Kessler
If you have not already, be sure to contact the BGR-1 Central Office and get your tickets to the Cardinals game on Monday night August 28th and support the Bowling Green Bobcat Choirs, who are singing that night! The tickets are $20/each and are in sections 171 and 173.
about 2 months ago, Matt Frederickson
BGR1 Choir Night at the Cardinals
Don't forget, this is tax free weekend in Missouri for many items needed for back to school. See here for details:
about 2 months ago, Matt Frederickson
Tax Free holiday
Summer School at Bowling Green Elementary will be Free of Charge for children under the age of 18. Summer School starts May 30th to June 23rd Breakfast will be served from 7:45 am to 8:15am Lunch will be served from 11 am to 12:45pm
4 months ago, Opaa! Food Service
Summer School Breakfast Menu
Summer School Lunch Menu
BGE Reminder: We will dismiss at 12:50pm on Friday for the summer. There will be no Y Afterschool on Friday. If you have dismissal changes for your child on Friday please call the office tomorrow or send an email to or We will not accept changes after 11:30 on Friday. Thanks and we hope you have a great summer! ~Mr. Kessler
4 months ago, Cory Kessler
General Obligation Bonds, Series 2023
5 months ago, Bowling Green R-1 School District
Bond Ad
BGE 3rd/5th Grade Reminder: Spring Concert on Thursday, May 11th @ 6pm. Doors open at 5:30. Please drop your children off at their classroom between 5:30 and 5:45 unless they are on the stage, then they need to report directly to the MS gym by 5:30. Students should wear white shirts and blue jeans or old time looking dresses if desired unless otherwise directed. Can't wait to see you all tomorrow night!
5 months ago, Cory Kessler
Important BGE Announcement: Track and Field day will now be held on WEDNESDAY, MAY 17th instead of Tuesday May 16th. Coach Schlender had two HS golf players qualify for state tournament which will be held on Tuesday. Congrats Coach and we wish good luck to your players. See you all at track and field day on Wednesday at the same times. ~Mr. Kessler
5 months ago, Cory Kessler
Prop S Voting Reminder As a reminder, Tomorrow, April 4, Bowling Green R-1 Schools will ask voters to consider a request to issue general obligation bonds in the amount of $8.75 million for the purpose of completing projects that will impact all schools in the district.  Don't Forget to VOTE!
6 months ago, Matt Frederickson
Prop S
BGR-1 Families and Staff, I am writing to let you know that after watching the weather briefing for our area this morning, I am making the decision to dismiss students at noon today, Friday, March 31, due to incoming severe weather. The severe weather threat has been elevated for our area and north to Severe and with the potential of tornado outbreaks. Schools North of us have followed suit, unless they have a large enough tornado safe room to accommodate all of their students. While we have a safe room like this in Frankford now, we do not for the BG area. Please watch for announcements from individual schools regarding after school or evening activities as this storm unfolds. Thank you for your understanding, and stay safe. Matt Frederickson, PhD Superintendent
6 months ago, Matt Frederickson
Weather Dismissal
I know that many in their lifetime used something like this picture for “Duck and Cover” exercises in their classroom (as I did as well.) Somehow, I always felt that this just would not be enough when I needed projection. Just in my lifetime, there have been tornado deaths in schools in Orrick, Missouri; Belvidere, Illinois; Clearwater, Florida; Newburgh, New York; Grand Isle, Louisiana; Enterprise, Alabama; and Moore Oklahoma, but going back further in history we know of school deaths in St. Louis, MO; Poplar Bluff, MO and a tri-state tornado that killed 69 students in nine schools including within Missouri. And, we all remember the destruction in Joplin, Mo (thankfully, students were not present at the time) where five schools were completely destroyed and four others were damaged by the F5/EF5 tornado. Very recently, the Goodman, Missouri elementary school was destroyed by an EF2 tornado. While we have done much with raising awareness, (with bringing the KMOV Storm Team to BGHS to share information and broadcast their weather program), and doing drills and training, and with writing grants to help fund a storm safe shelter and tornado siren in Frankford, we have much more to do. (We have applied for grants for the BG campus, but FEMA did not award those.) It is important to note that at our BGHS, it is very difficult to find places to shelter with all of the glass in the hallways. We have to make use of bathrooms and locker rooms. As your superintendent responsible for the safety of all of our students while at school, this has been a sense of urgency for me since day one. The Joplin School District has built 14 safe rooms since 2011, when 161 were killed in their community. And, all new buildings built as schools in Missouri are required by law to have a tornado safe room moving forward. Prop S (a NO TAXRATE INCREASE BOND ISSUE on the ballot on April 4) plans to build a large tornado safe room as an expansion to the MS and HS library and includes a tornado safe room within a newly constructed Early Childhood Center that would have enough capacity to shelter not only our early childhood students, but also those at the nearby Learning Center. Also, in my lifetime, there have been nearly 2,000 school shooting incidents with the greatest numbers in 2019 with 119, 2021 with 249 and 2022 with about 300. Again, we have done quite a bit with eliminating some exterior doors, adding buzz-in doors at every school entrance, adding updated fire rated classroom doors with locking mechanisms, adding transaction windows within the entrance vestibule at both elementary schools, adding bullet resistant film on exterior glass, updating our alarm system, and have started acquiring bullet-proof white boards (like the one we showed on TV when Alex Fees come to do a story that then aired on NBC found here: ). We have also added a School Resource Officer and have raised awareness through ALICE training and drills, where we are using a new accountability application on our devices ensuring all students are accounted for in a more efficient process. Prop S will add transaction style vestibule entrances at the Middle School and the High School (like we have at our elementary schools) and we will be able to more closely monitor those who wish to gain access to those schools and implement a visitor management system district-wide. We also plan to add fencing to totally enclose playgrounds at Frankford and Bowling Green Elementary Schools and behind the High School, where we will also add an electronic gate with buzz in access to the AG area. While we also plan to do upgrades for ADA compliance at Central Office and on our playgrounds, and increase service in our free tuition Pre-School from 2 classrooms to seven (adding capacity for potential tuition based daycare options) with more capacity and appropriate facility needs, and upgrading the roof and paving the emergency road at Frankford Elementary, but the school safety upgrades are first and foremost on our minds and central to this No Tax rate Increase Bond Issue.. Many might not know that in addition to the 29 years of fulltime service in education, I also served for 25 years in active duty and national guard settings in the military. In fact, someone has served in every generation of my family going back to the Revolutionary War, including the newest generation with my own two sons. Maybe that is where the sense of urgency comes from when planning for any potential uncertainty and ensuring our students are safe. It becomes a mindset…and one I do not take lightly. To Train and Prepare… But, it is really all of our responsibility. I do hope you will make time to vote this Tuesday, on April 4 where Prop S (Proposition: Students) is on the ballot and is a NO TAXRATE INCREASE Bond Issue. See video for more information: Thank you and stay safe with weather coming in tomorrow night! Stay vigilant!
6 months ago, Matt Frederickson
Duck and Cover
Opaa! Kitchen Staff Career Opportunities. There are multiple Kitchen Ladies retiring this year, and I would like to hire and train new staff before the end of the year.
6 months ago, Opaa! Food Service
Opaa Application Code and Benefits
On April 4, Bowling Green R-1 Schools will ask voters to consider a request to issue general obligation bonds in the amount of $8.75 million for the purpose of completing projects that will impact all schools in the district. If voters approve the request, there will be no increase to the district’s debt service property tax levy, which is currently 50 cents per $100 of assessed valuation of real estate and personal property. Learn more at by viewing this video: or navigate to: on Facebook or on Instagram
7 months ago, Matt Frederickson
April 4 Vote
Because of forecasted weather, Toys for Tots and Salvation Army boxes will be distributed Wednesday Dec 21 NOT Thursday Dec 22 with the same appointment times as listed on your postcard.
9 months ago, Bowling Green R-1 School District
Tomorrow, November 11, we celebrate Veterans Day, and honor the 25 million Americans, living Americans, who have served in our Armed Forces. Veterans Day is an opportunity to honor our veterans for their love of country and the sacrifices that our service members and their families have made in order to keep America safe. Their bravery, their resourcefulness, and their patriotism mark them as our nation’s finest citizens. We as a nation have honored the ideals and values veterans stood for and defended, and I am extremely proud of the way our middle school has continued this very important tradition. Please remember to accompany your veteran to our program at the BGMS gymnasium tomorrow for lunch. I you have not already registered, just call the BGMS office ASAP to let them know you will be coming. We will start serving our veterans and their guests at 11:15 a.m. with a wonderful program to follow! You will also enjoy the Patriot Pen essays written and presented by our students, along with other elements of this program that is all student led. Help us in making sure all of our local veterans are able to be honored during this very important program. All of our schools are doing some sort of showcase, including everything from a wall of honor at Frankford Elementary to lessons in our classrooms. Thank you to our Veterans in our community and our staff member Veterans as well! We will never be able to repay the sacrifices you have made for all of us.
11 months ago, Matt Frederickson
BGE Update: There was a mistake in the last message. Obviously we are out on Monday, October 3rd. Have a great weekend. Mr. Kessler
12 months ago, Cory Kessler
BGE Reminder: No school- Monday, August 3rd for teacher professional development.
12 months ago, Cory Kessler
BGE: Final Notice for Background Check- If you have not registered online to start the background check process by Oct 1st (2 days from now) you will not be allowed to attend BGE field trips this spring. Please register if you want to attend. and use code 8295
12 months ago, Cory Kessler